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Intezer Immune™

Your organization isn’t immune

Dealing with hundreds of unknown files and many false-positives, performing memory analysis, and protecting against fileless malware represent some of the biggest challenges organizations are facing today. Danger lurks in your blind spots. Diagnose your biggest security challenges using the most comprehensive level of detail available.

Intezer Immune™

Tailor-made, continual DNA scanning that monitors, detects, and identifies the most sophisticated threats.

Designed for large organizations and major industry players that are routinely targeted by cyber attacks, Intezer Immune ™ becomes a vital part of your organization from the moment it is installed. The system’s proactive real-time scans first map out your organization’s software, which it uses as a benchmark for analysis of future changes. Your team has full control over every code change, while keeping false-positives to a minimum.

Organizations using Intezer Immune™ benefit from:

Industry-leading Detection

Pinpoint and attribute memory attacks, including fileless attacks-faster and more accurately than any other solution on the market.

Tailor-made Defense

Identify software that is foreign or unrelated to your organization by mapping a baseline of your company's code DNA.

Threat Actor Attribution

Pinpoint the author of new malware by detecting code reuse across previous attacks.

Easy, Non-invasive Deployment

Install a single agentless on-premise component that covers all of your endpoints.

Memory Analysis

Analyze entire memory dumps, process dumps, or even floating code-injections dumped from memory.

Unparalleled Visibility

By tracking every piece of software running in your organization, our system enables your team to identify system weaknesses and perform forensic analysis quickly and effectively.

Lightweight Operation

Get comprehensive code analysis in real time without exhaustive resource consumption, which makes Intezer Immune™ ideal for critical systems and servers.

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