Intezer: Runtime Protection for Cloud Workloads

Runtime protection for your cloud workloads

Proven Linux threat detection with no manual policies or overhead for your team

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Protect All Compute Resources Under One Roof

Including VMs, containers, and anything that runs code, while guarding against unauthorized or malicious code in runtime.

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Without Runtime Security, Attacks Go Undetected

Fixing vulnerabilities to reduce the attack surface is vital. Detecting attacks when they occur in runtime is just as important.

Runtime protection covers most attack vectors and functions as a last line of defense after an attacker has exploited a vulnerability or misconfiguration.

Full Visibility and Control Over Your Environment

Intezer’s lightweight sensor inspects every application, process or code running across your environment in memory, verifying you’re running 100% trusted code round-the-clock.

Born in the Cloud

  • Holistic security for all types of compute resources: VMs, containers, Kubernetes, CaaS and FaaS
  • Integrated threat intelligence specializing in Linux threats
  • Integrate with your favorite DevOps tools including Chef, Puppet, Ansible and more

Reduce Attack Surface

  • Identify and disable unwanted or risky applications
  • Identify vulnerabilities in runtime
  • Identify misconfigurations
  • Align with security benchmarks (CIS, NIST)


  • Monitor and log any running application or code
  • Visual dashboard showing high-level security status of all compute resources


  • Detect malicious code and malware in runtime
  • Detect unrecognized or unauthorized code
  • Detect exploitation of known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Detect suspicious shell commands and Living off the Land (LotL) attacks


  • Quickly terminate any unauthorized code without harming production
  • Contextual alerts including origin of code and malware family
  • Root Cause Analysis for incidents; identify the point of compromise in order to quickly fix the vulnerability
  • Seamlessly integrate with tools such as SIEM, SOAR and even Slack

More than

500 Companies

and government agencies use Intezer to defend against the latest threats.
Niyo PearsonSubject Matter Expert for ONE Gas, Inc.

Intezer is a leading provider in the incident response ‘last mile’. Most organizations have some network security or endpoint protection platform that blocks code from running in their environment; but that is where most investigations stop without a better understanding of the potential actor targeting them. Intezer has helped reshape ONE Gas incident response to remove the manual steps to attempt to perform this analysis which can take days to weeks, instead gleaming insight within minutes.

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Specializing in Linux Threat Detection

Attackers are shifting their focus to target cloud and Linux-based infrastructure. Intezer is leading the charge in researching the latest Linux threats.

Why Intezer?

Not another anomaly detection solution

We analyze the code!

Proven Linux threat detection

No manual rules or policies

No impact on production performance

Our Products

Intezer Protect

Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Defend your cloud workloads in runtime against unauthorized and malicious code.
Cloud workload protection platform
Intezer Analyze

Malware Analysis

Get clear classification for your threats in seconds.
Malware analysis platform
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