Ignacio Sanmillan, Author at Intezer


Cybersecurity DNA

ACBackdoor: Analysis of a New Multiplatform Backdoor

Watching the WatchBog: New BlueKeep Scanner and Linux Exploits

How We Seized 15 Active Ransomware Campaigns Targeting Linux File Storage Servers

HiddenWasp Malware Stings Targeted Linux Systems

Technical Analysis: Pacha Group Competing against Rocke Group for Cryptocurrency Mining Foothold on the Cloud

Technical Analysis: Pacha Group Deploying Undetected Cryptojacking Campaigns on Linux Servers

ChinaZ Revelations: Revealing ChinaZ Relationships with other Chinese Threat Actor Groups

Muhstik Botnet Reloaded: New Variants Targeting phpMyAdmin Servers

Intezer Analyze™ ELF Support Release: Hakai Variant Case Study

Executable and Linkable Format 101 Part 3: Relocations

Executable and Linkable Format 101. Part 2: Symbols

Executable and Linkable Format 101 - Part 1 Sections and Segments

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