Intezer Recognized as Key Player in Latest Gartner Market Guide

Intezer Recognized as Key Player in Latest Gartner Market Guide

Written by Intezer
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Intezer Protect, Intezer’s new Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP), has been recognized in the latest Gartner Market Guide only four months since being introduced to market.

Intezer Protect defends cloud workloads in runtime against unauthorized and malicious code. The platform continuously monitors the “genetic” origin of every application running on cloud systems, providing unprecedented visibility and a wide coverage to cyber threats.

“It is encouraging to see the recognition Intezer Protect has received since its release,” said Itai Tevet, CEO and Co-founder of Intezer. “This gives us confidence that we have grown a robust solution to address companies’ cloud security concerns.”

As businesses connect their workers remotely due to COVID-19, the demand for cloud services has increased significantly. This means cyber attacks targeting cloud servers are also on the rise.

According to the shared responsibility model, the cloud provider is responsible for the security of the cloud (e.g., data centers, network, and server equipment); whereas the cloud consumer is responsible for the security of the workloads running on top of the virtual resources in the cloud provider’s platform. CWPP solutions like Intezer Protect help cloud consumers secure their assets.

Intezer Protect combines one of the best threat detection technologies in the market with low SecOps overhead and maintenance. Intezer is particularly active in the cloud and Linux-focused threat research community, publishing findings on the latest attacks, including HiddenWasp, Kaiji and QNAPCrypt.

Ensure that all code running in your cloud servers is solely from trusted origins. Request a free trial of Intezer Protect today


Revealing the “genetic" origins of software, Intezer introduces a new way to detect and respond to cyber threats. Intezer offers enterprises advanced solutions to detect modern cyber attacks, while providing deep context for effective response.

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