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    This isn’t a gimmick, we’re providing this quota FREE of charge.

    Intezer Analyze™ was created by incident team experts for incident response teams.
    We understand the major security challenges that our community is facing, so we’re thrilled to be able to give back by launching our free edition. To register for our free community edition, CLICK HERE.

    Intezer Analyze™ is a Cloud-based malware analysis service that provides an extensive understanding of any executable file by comparing code on a massive scale to a comprehensive database of malware and trusted software. Below, you can see how Intezer Analyze™ was able to immediately identify a previously undetected APT.Cloud-based malware analysis

    Cloud-based malware analysis

    About Intezer Analyze™

    Intezer Analyze™ provides rapid malware detection and analysis.
    With an intuitive web interface and API access, it functions as a plug-and-play solution for any process within your organization’s incident response plans.

    About the technology

    Intezer’s technology dissects any given executable file into thousands of small fragments, and then compares them to a massive database that contains coding instances within software or malware–effectively providing a full DNA mapping of each file leading directly to its source.
    This is the same technology that accurately identified and classified WannaCry, Turla, APT17 and APT28.

    Cloud-based malware analysis


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