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Search for revealing strings in Intezer Analyze

Accelerate your file investigations with new and improved string reuse capabilities in Intezer Analyze Users of Intezer Analyze may have noticed new...


Fantastic payloads and where we find them

Attackers have long used evasion features in their malware to avoid detection by security products and analysis systems. One of the most...

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Accelerate Reverse Engineering with Intezer's IDA Pro Plugin

IDA Pro is the most common reverse engineering platform for disassembling computer software. The...


Ransomware and Spyware Top Intezer Analyze Community Detections

This month’s community highlights span a variety of file formats — APK, ELF and PE. 1) Anubis [Link to Analysis] Anubis is...

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The Human Element at RSA Conference

This year’s RSA Conference theme is the Human Element. At Intezer, we introduce an innovative approach called Genetic Malware Analysis which reveals the...


Intezer Featured in IBM X-Force Threat Index

Banking trojans and ransomware were the top innovators in 2019 malware code evolution Drawing on previous IBM X-Force collaboration in detecting new...


Introducing runtime Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) Intezer Protect

Unveiling our Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) which defends your cloud servers in runtime against the leading cause of cyber attacks: unauthorized and malicious...


Intezer Protect: How it Works

Intezer Protect is our NEW runtime Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP). Powered by Genetic Malware Analysis technology, this solution continuously monitors the code...


Intezer Analyze Community: 2019 Recap and Trends

Emotet, Trickbot, and Lazarus were the most common threats detected by the community in 2019. Linux threats, with code connections to Mirai,...


2019: A Year-in-Review

What an amazing year it has been for us at Intezer! The company nearly doubled in size, we added several new important...


ChinaZ Updates Toolkit by Introducing New, Undetected Malware

Introduction ChinaZ is a Chinese cybercrime group and the author of several DDoS malware. We have profiled this group in a previous...

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Now Supporting Genetic Malware Analysis for Android Applications

We are excited to share that we now support Genetic Malware Analysis for Android applications! Intezer Analyze community and enterprise users can...


Exploring the Chinese DDoS Threat Landscape [Research Report]

Distributed denial-of-service attacks were on the rise in 2018 and continuing into 2019, ranging from a high volume of Mirai attacks to...


Intezer Analyze Community: Buhtrap, Divergent, Kronos, and More

In this month’s community highlights we see a range of malware types, including banking trojans, exploit kits, and nation-state sponsored threats. 1)...


Revealing the Origins of Software

Summary Nearly all cyber attacks require running code. Regardless of the attack vector, in order for an adversary to create any damage,...


Genetic Malware Analysis for Golang

Intezer Analyze now proudly supports genetic analysis for files created with the Golang programming language. Community and enterprise users can detect and...


ACBackdoor: Analysis of a New Multiplatform Backdoor

Introduction We have discovered an undetected Linux backdoor which does not have any known connections to other threat groups. VirusTotal detection rate...


PureLocker: New Ransomware-as-a-Service Being Used in Targeted Attacks Against Servers

Analysis by Intezer and IBM X-Force points its origins to a Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider utilized by the Cobalt Gang and FIN6 attack...


Intezer Analyze Community Halloween Edition: Trickbot or Treat!

In the spirit of Halloween we’re spotlighting three “spooky” threats detected by the Intezer Analyze community in October. And as a special...


Intezer Analyze Use Case: Visibility Among Global SOCs

For mid to large size enterprises, protecting the organization against targeted cyber threats is often a global operation. It’s not uncommon for...


Mapping the Connections Inside Russia's APT Ecosystem

This research is a joint effort conducted by Omri Ben-Bassat from Intezer and Itay Cohen from Check Point Research. Prologue пролог If...


Why we Should be Paying More Attention to Linux Threats

In a previous post we wrote for the Retail and Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC), we discussed the emergence of...

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Siemplify and Intezer: Incorporate Genetic Malware Analysis into your SOAR Platform (Video)

One of the most common and time-consuming cases security operations centers (SOCs) must complete daily are malware investigations. Part of the problem...


Intezer Analyze Community: Mapping Code Connections Between Malware Samples

In addition to highlighting five notable file uploads and endpoint scans made by our community users each month, I thought it was...


Intezer and IBM Resilient Integrate to Enrich Threat Investigations with Genetic Malware Analysis

I am pleased to highlight the new integration between Intezer Analyze™ and IBM Resilient. The integration enables users of both platforms to...


Genetic Malware Analysis Use Cases: Financial Services

2018 saw an increase in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and phishing campaigns targeting financial services institutions. Malware, in particular, continues to play...


Scan the Memory of Entire Endpoints using Genetic Malware Analysis

I am excited to announce the launch of a new Endpoint Analysis solution, located within the Intezer Analyze™ platform. The Endpoint Analysis solution consists...


What is Genetic Malware Analysis?

At Intezer, we view malware analysis as a key component in properly and effectively responding to security incidents. We have introduced a...

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Verifying Code Reuse Between Ursnif and 'Brexit' Malware Campaign Targeting the United Kingdom

Today My Online Security published research describing a fairly large Ursnif campaign targeting the United Kingdom. The threat actors behind the attack are using...


Making Malware Human: A SANS Product Review of Intezer Analyze™

Alerts can enter an organization at inconceivable rates. Security teams are tasked with sifting through countless alerts, making it difficult to prioritize...

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