Intezer - Automate Alert Triage, Incident Response and Threat Hunting

Your Managed Detection and Response Replacement

  • Automate triage for endpoint and email security alerts
  • Get clear recommendations and IOCs for remediation
  • Continuously hunt for attacks that weren’t detected
23% Confirmed malicious15% To investigate 4% Unknown 62% False positives
Recommended action: Block, quarantine, and apply IOCs
IOCs: 3 indicators
TPPs: Defense Evasion, Discovery, Excution, Persistence
Threat Hunting
Agent Tesla | Info Stealer3 IOCs | 21 TTPs
APT29 | Nation State25 IOCs | 4 TTPs

Trusted by SOC, IR, and CTI teams

How It Works

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Step 1
Connect Alert Sources

Connect Intezer to your detection tools (EDR, SOAR, etc.) with an API key and/or install a plugin.

Step 2
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Let Intezer Investigate Your Alerts

Intezer automatically ingests your alerts and analyzes any relevant artifacts (files, URLs, memory images).

Step 3
Your Alerts Get Triaged

Decrease false positives by 75%; You get clear recommended actions fast and IOCs for every alert.

Try it for yourself

Powerful Use Cases for
SOC, IR, and CTI Teams

Keep noise, false positives, and alerts from overwhelming your security team.

EDR Alert Triage
Phishing Investigation Automation
DFIR Toolset
Threat Hunting

Autonomous security operations

Automate Alert Triage

  • Analyze files, URLs, machines
  • Differentiate false positives from real incidents
  • Identify threat family to profile risk

Automate Response

  • Extract IoCs

  • Extract detection content to protect from similar variants

  • Extract EDR rules to hunt for additional infections

Automate Hunting

  • Track threat actors and malware families

  • Feed of detection opportunities


Easy to Connect Integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations for EDR, SOAR, SIEM, etc. Eliminate most false positives and reduce 90% of alert response time.

CrowdStrike LOGOCrowdStrike

Get clear recommendations for response and automate deep analysis on every alert in CrowdStrike Falcon.

SentinelOne LOGOSentinelOne
Do more with SentinelOne by having Intezer automate alert triage, incident response, and hunting.

Automate phishing investigations, using Intezer to triage suspicious links and email attachments.

Start automating your alert pipelines

Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? Want to know the technical details?
Check out Intezer’s Docs.

You can watch a 5 minute recorded demo here or go here to sign up for a free Intezer account. A free account gives you access to try Intezer’s full AutonomousDR capabilities for two weeks, then downgrades to a Malware Analysis plan with 10 free scans per month. 

If you have more questions or want to talk about an extended AutonomousDR trial with support from our Solution Engineers, you can book a demo here.

The primary onboarding tasks are connecting your alert sources (adding an API key with the required permissions) and then adding members of your team as new users to Intezer. After your API key gets added to Intezer, you will usually start seeing triaged results in your dashboard with the hour. If you want to know more about getting started with Intezer, you can book a demo to talk with us about integrating Intezer into your tech stack and processes.

Intezer’s algorithm-based platform is powered by proprietary Genetic Analysis and an ever expanding database that contains billions of fragments of code “genes” from legitimate applications and malware. This enables Intezer to automatically identify portions of reused code from trusted vendors, as well as from malicious threat actors and malware authors. Within seconds, Intezer is capable of highlighting and investigating novel code extracted from an alert, critical for detecting never-before-seen threats using code written from scratch.

Top brands like Pepsico, Adobe, Equifax, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and other Fortune 500 enterprise security teams use Intezer to triage the high volume of alerts (and all the associated artifacts) from their endpoint and email security systems. Enterprise organizations also use Intezer’s Autonomous SecOps capabilities across their SOC, incident response, and cyber threat intelligence teams (as well as top security research teams, which frequently use Intezer’s best-in-class Malware Analysis toolset to analyze evolving and novel threats).

Some of our most popular integrations are for CrowdStrike and SentinelOne, for automating endpoint security alert triage, response, and hunting. Intezer also integrates with multiple SOAR tools (such as Cortex XSOAR) to automate phishing alert triage and incident response. Intezer can also be interacted with and perform automated security operation tasks through our RESTful API and Python SDK. You can check out our full Integration list here.

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