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SANS Institute | Delivering the All-In-One Malware Analysis Experience

Malware analysts and incident responders use a variety of tools to investigate malware, from static analysis tools and sandboxes to memory forensics platforms and their own customized scripts. The problem is they have to pivot between multiple products just to complete a single investigation.

Intezer Analyze is a popular tool in a SOC and IR team’s malware analysis arsenal. New capabilities added to the platform combine all tools needed to investigate malware in one place, creating a simplified all-in-one malware analysis experience.

Using a combination of genetic code analysis, behavior analysis and memory forensics capabilities, most of an analyst’s tasks can be automated in Intezer Analyze. This means you no longer have to pivot between multiple products just to accomplish a single investigation.

In this demo-focused session, learn how to use Intezer Analyze to deal with attacks like Cobalt Strike and Sofacy. See firsthand how Intezer Analyze consolidates and simplifies the malware experience providing you with fast verdicts, TTPs, IoCs and more.

• Replace your sandbox and other legacy malware analysis solutions

• Get reverse-engineer level insights that are easy to understand

• Cover and analyze all malware-related incidents

• Easy ways to automate your IR workflows with tools like SOAR, EDR and Volatility

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