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Lightning Framework: New Undetected “Swiss Army Knife” Linux Malware ⚡

Lightning Framework is a new undetected Swiss Army Knife-like Linux malware that has modular plugins and the ability to install rootkits. Year...


OrBit: New Undetected Linux Threat Uses Unique Hijack of Execution Flow

Linux is a popular operating system for servers and cloud infrastructures, and as such it’s not a surprise that it attracts threat...


Elephant Framework Delivered in Phishing Attacks Against Ukrainian Organizations 

A recently developed malware framework called Elephant is being delivered in targeted spear phishing campaigns using spoofed Ukrainian governmental email addresses. The...


Detection Rules for Sysjoker (and How to Make Them With Osquery)

On January 11, 2022, we released a blog post on a new malware called SysJoker. SysJoker is a malware targeting Windows, macOS,...


New SysJoker Backdoor Targets Windows, Linux, and macOS

Malware targeting multiple operating systems has become no exception in the malware threat landscape. Vermilion Strike, which was documented just last September,...


Exposed Prefect Workflows Could Lead to Disruptive Attacks

Workflow management platforms are powerful tools for automating and managing complex tasks. Integrating workflow platforms can help companies coordinate and ease their...


Intezer Analyze Transforms for Maltego

We are happy to introduce the Intezer Analyze plugin for Maltego. Combine insights from our malware analysis platform with Maltego’s graphical tool (And you...


New Attacks on Kubernetes via Misconfigured Argo Workflows

Key Points Intezer has detected a new attack vector against Kubernetes (K8s) clusters via misconfigured Argo Workflows instances. Attackers are already taking advantage of this...


Targeted Phishing Attack against Ukrainian Government Expands to Georgia

In May 2021, Fortinet published a report about the early stages of an ongoing phishing attack against the Ukrainian government. The attack, initially...


Global Phishing Campaign Targets Energy Sector and its Suppliers

Our research team has found a sophisticated campaign, active for at least one year, targeting large international companies in the energy, oil...


Klingon RAT Holding on for Dear Life

With more malware written in Golang than ever before, the threat from Go-based Remote Access Trojans (RATs) has never been higher. Not only...


New Linux Backdoor RedXOR Likely Operated by Chinese Nation-State Actor

We discovered a new sophisticated backdoor targeting Linux endpoints and servers Based on Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) the backdoor is believed to...


Year of the Gopher: 2020 Go Malware Round-Up

Developers are not the only ones that have adopted Go. Malware written in Go has been steadily increasing. In the last few...


How We Escaped Docker in Azure Functions

Summary of Findings What is Azure Functions? Technical Analysis Proof of Concept Why Does this Matter? Summary of Findings In previous months...


A Rare Look Inside a Cryptojacking Campaign and its Profit

Intro Linux threats are becoming more frequent. A common type of Linux threat is cryptojacking, which is the unauthorized use of an...


Operation ElectroRAT: Attacker Creates Fake Companies to Drain Your Crypto Wallets

Already with thousands of victims. Intro With Bitcoin on the rise and a market exceeding billions of dollars, cryptocurrency has attracted threat actors...


Early Bird Catches the Worm: New Golang Worm Drops XMRig Miner on Servers

Intro In early December, we discovered a new, undetected worm written in Golang. This worm continues the popular 2020 trend of multi-platform malware developed...


PureLocker: New Ransomware-as-a-Service Being Used in Targeted Attacks Against Servers

Analysis by Intezer and IBM X-Force points its origins to a Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider utilized by the Cobalt Gang and FIN6 attack...


Mapping the Connections Inside Russia's APT Ecosystem

This research is a joint effort conducted by Omri Ben-Bassat from Intezer and Itay Cohen from Check Point Research. Prologue пролог If...


Watching the WatchBog: New BlueKeep Scanner and Linux Exploits

Overview We have discovered a new version of WatchBog—a cryptocurrency-mining botnet operational since late 2018—that we suspect has compromised more than 4,500 Linux...


EvilGnome: Rare Malware Spying on Linux Desktop Users

Introduction Linux desktop remains an unpopular choice among mainstream desktop users, making up a little more than 2% of the desktop operating system...


Executable and Linkable Format 101 Part 4: Dynamic Linking

This is a new post in our Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) 101 series, where the goal is to spread awareness about the...


ChinaZ Revelations: Revealing ChinaZ Relationships with other Chinese Threat Actor Groups

Introduction Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks were on the rise in 2018, ranging from a high volume of Mirai attacks to more sophisticated...

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Verifying Code Reuse Between Ursnif and 'Brexit' Malware Campaign Targeting the United Kingdom

Today My Online Security published research describing a fairly large Ursnif campaign targeting the United Kingdom. The threat actors behind the attack are using...

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