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Intezer Analyze

Malware Analysis Platform

Get clear classification for your threats in seconds

Genetic Software Mapping Technology

A security analyst’s Swiss Army knife

Intezer Analyze quickly classifies malware and unknown files making it an indispensable analyst tool.
malicious code
Does it contain malicious code?
What specific type of threat is it?
What specific type of threat is it?
Is the threat similar to a previously handled incident?
Is the threat similar to a previously handled incident?
How do I respond?
How do I respond?

Empowering Security Analysts

in All Stages of the Response Cycle
  • Eliminate false positives: Highlight only malicious or unique software
  • Rapid endpoint triage and memory analysis
Malware Analysis
  • Quickly classify suspicious & malicious files
  • Quickly assess risk: Differentiate between adware and a nation-state attack
  • Avoid duplicate work: Understand if you are dealing with a similar threat your team dealt with previously
  • Quickly determine malware family to speed up remediation
  • Tailor response: Classify malware to dictate the appropriate response
Threat Intelligence
  • Know what adversaries are targeting you to make more efficient security decisions and investments

Powered by Genetic Software Mapping Technology

Today’s malware analysis solutions rely heavily on behavioral analysis and signature-based techniques but they often struggle to provide context, leaving you with unanswered questions.

Intezer classifies cyber attacks by divulging their code origins. Detecting code reuse and similarities between threats results in a much deeper understanding of any unknown or malicious file.

The Code Doesn’t Lie
Unknown code
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Intezer online Scanner
Extracting genes
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Intezer monitor
Code genome database containing billions of genes
Intezer Scanner
online virus malware scanner
Identifying origins of software by detecting code reuse & similarities
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Intezer online Scanner
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Intezer monitor
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Intezer Scanner
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Emotet Malware
online virus malware scanner
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Unknown code
Extracting genes
Code genome database containing billions of genes
Identifying origins of software by detecting code reuse & similarities
Intezer Analyze for Government and National Security

CERTs and government agencies face a profusion of highly sophisticated threats. Expert tools are required to conduct forensics, deep malware analysis, and reverse engineering among other high priorities.

Intezer is trusted by government agencies and similar organizations to address their greatest
cybersecurity concerns:

Malware attribution
Rapid memory analysis and disk image forensics
Generate highly effective YARA rules based on unique and malicious code
On-premise experience for maximum privacy
Open API to complement existing malware investigation pipelines or Malware Zoo
Cluster files at mass scale
Accelerate reverse engineering with IDA Pro and Ghidra plugins
See trends for your organization about threat actors, malware, and campaigns
Reduce duplicate work on similar variants
Tracing Major Global Cyber Events to their Source First
The technology behind Intezer Analyze has detected code similarities in high-profile cyber attacks before leading engines and government agencies:
Latest recognition
Cyber Security Excellence Awards winner 2020
Winner 2016
SC 2020 Awards Europe


Core FeatureCommunityEnterprise
File DNA mapping: Detect code reuse to trusted and malicious software using Intezer's Genetic Software Mapping technology
Endpoint Analysis: Scan the memory of entire endpoints using Genetic Software Mapping technology
Private analyses (analysis reports cannot be seen publicly)
IDA Pro plugin for viewing genes’ assembly code
Analyze more than 10 files per day
Scan more than 1 endpoint per day
Download samples
API accessBasicFull
Private indexing and categorizing of custom software and malware into the code database
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