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Intezer Analyze

Automate your Security Operations and Incident Response with Genetic Software Mapping

Quickly analyze files and devices to immediately understand the What, Who, & How of a potential cyber incident, by identifying even the smallest pieces of code reuse

Intezer Analyze Platform

Endpoint Analysis

Automate endpoint triage and memory analysis, by analyzing every single piece of code running in memory

File Analysis

Automate file analysis, detecting even the smallest fragments of code similarities to classify malware affecting Linux and windows systems and prioritize alerts

Reverse Engineering

Advanced tools, including IDA pro plugin, for accelerating reverse engineering and improving threat hunting capabilities

Immediately Obtain Clear Answers about any Suspicious File

Intezer Analyze is offered as a cloud-based service with a simple API, functioning as a plug-and-play solution for your incident response team and daily cybersecurity monitoring. Use this powerful analysis through an intuitive GUI, automatic API or in our many integrations to other security products such as SIEM and SOAR systems.

Does it contain malicious code?

What specific type of threat is it?

Is the threat similar to a previously handled incident?

How do I respond?

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Powered by Genetic Software Mapping Technology

Intezer introduces a Genetic Software Mapping solution, based on the evolutionary principle that all software is comprised of previously written code.

Intezer Analyze automates the investigation of alerts by comparing code similarities with previously seen threats.

Detecting even the smallest fragments of code reuse between legitimate and malicious software, Intezer reduces false positives, recognizes malicious files, classifies threats to their relevant malware families, and enables security teams to prioritize alerts according to risk and severity.

How it Works?

Customers Subscribing to Intezer Analyze™ Benefit from

Automate the IR cycle

with automated reverse engineering, malware classification and actionable remediation

Reduce false positives

using automated processes that cover 100% of alerts. Accurately identify threats based on Genetic Software Mapping, revealing even evasive threats

Uncover hidden in-memory attacks

analyzing entire memory dumps, process dumps, or even fileless code dumped from memory

Reduce time to remediation

with visibility into the entire threat and full attack storyline

Optimize resources with classified threats

to ensure your organisation no longer spends resources or miss critical incidents because alerts are sporadically investigated

Better target your response

with accurate context-based analysis of threats and relevant actionable intelligence

Seamless integration with security processes

facilitating SOC operations and enhancing the defense ecosystem

Strengthen existing prevention and deterrence

using genetic code-based vaccines against any future threat that uses similar code

Use Cases

Incident Response & SOC

  • Automate malware analysis
  • Classify threats automatically, within seconds
  • Reduce false positives
  • Memory analysis—analyze entire memory dumps, process dumps, or fileless code dumped from memory

Threat Intelligence

  • Enrich existing threat intelligence
  • Attribution
  • Accelerate reverse engineering
  • Automatically generate advanced YARA rules to improve threat hunting capabilities

Malware Detection

  • Integrate with existing security solutions (gateways and endpoints) to improve malware detection capabilities
  • Detect malware and sophisticated APTs where other methods fail
  • Screen endpoints and files before connecting to corporate networks

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Core FeatureCommunityEnterprise
File DNA mapping: Detect code reuse to trusted and malicious software using Intezer's Genetic Software Mapping technology
Endpoint Analysis: Scan the memory of entire endpoints using Genetic Software Mapping technology
Private analyses (analysis reports cannot be seen publicly)
IDA Pro plugin for viewing genes’ assembly code
Analyze more than 10 files per day
Scan more than 1 endpoint per day
Download samples
API accessBasicFull
Private indexing and categorizing of custom software and malware into the code database
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