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Generate Advanced YARA Rules based on Code Reuse

The purpose of this white paper is to define the challenges involved in writing effective YARA rules. It explains how identifying code reuse between malicious files can be used to automatically produce advanced YARA rules, in order to increase the accuracy of malware detection and classification and improve threat hunting capabilities.


Intezer One-Pager

Malware authors leverage code reuse when employing new campaigns. For defenders, this provides critical information for detection, classification, level of sophistication and threat actor capabilities. Learn more about Genetic Malware Analysis technology and Intezer Analyze™ here.


Technology Integration: Intezer and Demisto Solution Brief

The Intezer and Demisto integration equips security teams with an efficient workflow for security orchestration, malware analysis and incident response. Orchestrate Intezer’s Genetic Malware Analysis into an existing security pipeline through task-based playbooks, to accurately identify threats, classify them according to risk and severity and provide deep insights into every single alert.


Finding the Human Side of Malware: A SANS Product Review of Intezer Analyze™

Malware analysis requires honed skills and a deep understanding of executable behavior. SANS Institute’s instructor Matt Bromiley discusses Intezer’s unique approach to malware analysis, enabling detection teams to classify and respond to a greater number of alerts with confidence.


Case Study: Leading Telecom Company Implements Genetic Malware Analysis

Leading Telecom Company Implements Genetic Malware Analysis to Accelerate its Incident Response Time: Intezer Analyze, is implemented to enable the telecom company’s incident response (IR) team to optimize processes, accelerate time to response, and adopt a proactive approach to threat hunting.


The Researcher View

At Intezer, information sharing is a key component of our makeup, and reflected in our technology. In the spirit of industry collaboration, and with the intent of bringing the research community closer together, we sat down with nine well-known researchers from across the world, to hear about some of the more interesting malware and campaigns they have […]


Whitepaper: The untapped potential of malware classification

Malware classifcation, which encompasses both the identification and attribution of code, has the power to unlock many clues that aid security teams in achieving this. Such clues provide a greater understanding of potential adversaries. Going beyond whether code is trustworthy or malicious offers a multifaceted view into attackers’ mindsets and ultimately, their goals.


How Intezer supports GDPR adherence

Detect the hidden attacks within your organization and speed-up investigation with Intezer’s solutions.


ebook: The importance of code reuse in cyber security

Whether legitimate or malicious, nearly every software is composed of previously written code; the key to deeply understanding its nature and origins lies in discovering code that has appeared in previously known software.


SANS and Intezer webinar: Use Code Reuse to your Advantage-The Forgotten Component of your Incident Response Plan

In the software development world, engineers frequently use ready-made code for various tasks. On the darker side of things, malware authors follow in the same path, why write your own code when existing code is prevalent and easy to use. A phenomenon that we see time and time again and one that proves beneficial in […]

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