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Intezer Analyze Advanced Features Demo

Discover advanced tools for accelerating your reverse engineering, threat hunting, and incident response. Features include: IDA Pro plugin, automatic code-based YARA rules, private indexing, and code-based clustering (via API).


Cyber Threat Spotlight: Linux APTs

Security researcher Paul Litvak discusses APTs targeting the Linux ecosystem through the example of [Russian-affiliated] Gamaredon Group’s EvilGnome malware. He concludes by providing recommendations for mitigating Linux threats.


Intezer Analyze Demo

During this 30-minute demo you will learn how to investigate suspicious files and endpoints using Genetic Malware Analysis technology. Get to know Intezer Analyze, including features such as code and string reuse, related samples, and dynamic unpacking. Threat examples include Emotet, Mirai, and the Bitpaymer ransomware recently exploiting organizations in Spain.


SANS and Intezer webinar: Use Code Reuse to your Advantage-The Forgotten Component of your Incident Response Plan

In the software development world, engineers frequently use ready-made code for various tasks. On the darker side of things, malware authors follow in the same path, why write your own code when existing code is prevalent and easy to use. A phenomenon that we see time and time again and one that proves beneficial in […]


Intezer Code Intelligence technology video

Because both trusted and malicious applications are based on previously written code, Code Intelligence™ can uncover the nature and identity of any unknown file.

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