Intezer - Autonomous Security Operations


Alert Triage Incident Response Threat Hunting

Threats reuse code and techniques.
Use it to your advantage.

Empowering SOC/IR teams

Intezer automates security operations by simulating the complex decision-making process and threat analysis skills of experienced analysts.

Integrate with your existing workflows to automate analysis and reverse engineering of potential threats, while streamlining alert triage, incident response and threat hunting.

Automate Alert Triage

  • Analyze files, URLs, machines
  • Differentiate false positives from real incidents
  • Identify threat family to profile risk

Automate Response

  • Extract IoCs

  • Extract detection content to protect from similar variants

  • Extract EDR rules to hunt for additional infections

Automate Hunting

  • Track threat actors and malware families

  • Feed of detection opportunities

Knowledge Retention

  • Remember every piece of code

  • Remember every artifact

  • Identify similarities to past incidents within and outside of the organization

Threat Detection Evolution

Noise and alerts are overwhelming security teams, even though over 80% of the threats teams deal with are mutations of something already seen.

Intezer detects these mutations by identifying any reused code or techniques, helping your team streamline the majority of their workload and stay ahead of attackers.

Code genes mapped
in the database
Mapped threat actors
and malware families
Mapped trusted
applications and libraries
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Integrate with EDRs like CrowdStrike and SentinelOne to automate alert triage & response tasks.Integrate with EDRs like CrowdStrike and SentinelOne Learn more