Intezer - Autonomous Security Operations

Fewer Alerts,

More Context

Leave your grunt work to technology

Deeper and Faster than MDR

Intezer is a platform that provides automated, algorithm-driven Tier 1 services with little to no human supervision.

Intezer connects to your alert pipelines (EDR, SOAR, SIEM, …), collecting data to offer advice and automatically triage, respond, and hunt.

Use Cases

Accelerate EDR Alert Triage
and Investigation

Eliminate time spent on false positives from your endpoint security solution, while enriching and investigating alerts to confirm, prioritize, and kickstart incident response. 

Integrate Intezer with EDRs in your alert triage workflow to automate tasks and make sure your team can identify and focus on the most critical alerts.

Automation for Phishing Investigation Pipelines

Automatically scan and extract IoCs from URLs and suspicious files to efficiently manage a high volume of phishing alerts. 

Integrate automation into your abuse inbox or email security system to automatically classify file attachments or URLs and accelerate response. 

Advanced Incident Response Toolset for Analysts

Go beyond traditional sandboxing with a single platform that provides file, memory, URL, and live machine scanning, plus reverse engineering plugins.

Reduce time spent on manual analysis tasks and switching between tools, while providing your team with a private database that logs data from every investigation.

Expand Your Proactive Threat Hunting Capabilities

Explore and track threats based on your needs, with extracted IoCs, TTPs, and other detection opportunities to hunt for infections and create detection rules. 

Stay ahead of attackers by proactively hunting for advanced threats based on the threat actors and malware families you’re tracking as new.

Threat Detection Evolution

Noise and alerts are overwhelming security teams, even though over 80% of the threats teams deal with are mutations of something already seen.

Intezer detects these mutations by identifying any reused code or techniques, helping your team streamline the majority of their workload and stay ahead of attackers.

Code genes mapped
in the database
Indexed threat actors
and malware families
Mapped trusted
applications and libraries
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Integrate with EDRs like CrowdStrike and SentinelOne to automate alert triage & response tasks.Integrate with EDRs like CrowdStrike and SentinelOne Learn more