Intezer - Preventing Attackers from Reusing Code
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reuse code.

Use it to your advantage

Evolve your security faster
than threats mutate
SOC and IR Teams

All-In-One Malware Analysis Platform

Scan files, endpoints and memory dumps. Get fast verdicts, malware family, TTPs, IoCs and more.

Genetic Code Reuse
Static Analysis
Memory Analysis

Cloud Security Teams
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Runtime Protection for Cloud

Detect and respond to attacks on your cloud native stack.

No More Trojan.Generic
and Vague Alerts

You don’t need a ton of products to investigate malware. Combine genetic code analysis with other fundamental techniques to automate the investigation of any malware-related incident. Get reverse engineer-level insights in easy to understand reports. 

Genetic Code Reuse
Static Analysis
Memory Analysis

Runtime Security for Linux and Kubernetes

Detect malicious code execution, post-release code drift, suspicious commands and LotL attacks across your hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. All with superior visibility and virtually no overhead.

Reduce Attack Surface

Evolution of Threat Detection

The AI model is broken. Too many alerts and threats missed while attackers keep innovating. Intezer is leveling this uneven playing field by preventing attackers from reusing code and hurting their ROI.

Code genes mapped in the database
Mapped threat actors and malware families
Mapped trusted applications and libraries
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