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The Researcher View

At Intezer, information sharing is a key component of our makeup, and reflected in our technology. In the spirit of industry collaboration, and with the intent of bringing the research community closer together, we sat down with nine well-known researchers from across the world, to hear about some of the more interesting malware and campaigns they have […]


Whitepaper: The untapped potential of malware classification

Malware classifcation, which encompasses both the identification and attribution of code, has the power to unlock many clues that aid security teams in achieving this. Such clues provide a greater understanding of potential adversaries. Going beyond whether code is trustworthy or malicious offers a multifaceted view into attackers’ mindsets and ultimately, their goals.


Whitepaper: Building Your Bullet-Proof Incident Response Plan.

Security teams at even the largest organizations are often overwhelmed by the volume of flagged incidents and unknown files that need to be investigated. Meanwhile, businesses’ and customers’ sensitive information is at risk of being compromised by the needle in the haystack: the major threat hiding in plain sight among false positives

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