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Harness the Power of Genetic Malware Analysis

Intezer’s Genetic Malware Analysis technology is an industry first, applying the biological immune system concepts to cybersecurity. Operating under the evolutionary principle that all software, whether legitimate or malicious, is comprised of previously written code, Intezer’s technology identifies new forms of malware by comparing code to previously seen threats.

Detecting even the smallest fragments of code similarities between files, security teams can identify malicious files, classify threats to their relevant malware families, and prioritize alerts according to risk and severity.

How it Works: DNA Mapping for Software

Genetic Malware Analysis represents the world’s most advanced technology for accurately automating malware analysis.
Identifying the origins of every tiny piece of code within seconds, Genetic Malware Analysis offers an unparalleled level of understanding of any potential threat. The technology dissects any given file or binary into thousands of small fragments, or genes, and then compares them to Intezer’s Genome Database, containing billions of code pieces (genes) from legitimate and malicious software.

Unknown File

Gene Extraction

Code Genome Database Comparison


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Technology Capabilities

APT detection: Identify unknown attacks, from known malware variants to the most sophisticated APTs

Handle in-memory threats: Mitigate fileless malware and other in-memory threats quickly and efficiently

Threat actor classification: Pinpoint the author behind any new malware by detecting code reuse seen in previous attacks

Notable Discoveries using Genetic Malware Analysis

Genetic Malware Analysis has provided crucial insights, detecting code similarities in high profile examples including APT28, MirageFox, NotPetya, and WannaCry.

Intezer’s Code Genome Database

Intezer’s ever expanding genome database contains billions of code pieces from legitimate applications and malware. This enables users to identify code from trusted vendors, as well as from malicious threat actors and malware authors, within seconds.
The database highlights unique code that has never been seen before, critical for detecting new malware written from scratch.

Automation is Key

While reverse engineering was once a manual process that required time and expertise, and could only be applied to a limited number of files, Genetic Malware Analysis is an automated and scalable process.

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