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Harness the power of Code Intelligence™ technology

Intezer has introduced one of the most innovative and transformative technologies for dealing with cyber threats: Code Intelligence™. This technology functions as the core engine powering the entire suite of Intezer’s products, representing its differentiation from any other cyber security solution currently on the market.

DNA mapping for software

Code Intelligence technology™ is ‘DNA Mapping’ for software, enabling the analysis
and identification of the origins of every tiny piece of code, within seconds. This technology dissects any given file or binary into thousands of small fragments, and then compares them to Intezer’s Genome Database, which contains billions of code pieces (‘genes’) from legitimate and malicious software offering an unparalleled level of understanding of any potential threat. As such, Code Intelligence™ represents the world’s most advanced technology for detecting code reuse and similarities, on a never before seen scale.

Unknown File

Gene Extraction

Code Genome Database Comparison


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Software is evolutionary

Because both trusted and malicious applications are based on previously
written code, Code Intelligence™ can uncover the nature and identity of any unknown file. It essentially transforms files or any piece of binary code into an open book – as if an experienced reverse engineer has analyzed every single line of their code.

Technological capabilities

APT Detection: Identify unknown attacks from known malware variants to the most sophisticated APTs.

Finally handles memory threats: Mitigate fileless malware and memory threats quickly and efficiently.

Threat actor classification: Pinpoint the author of any new malware by detecting code reuse across previous attacks.

Code Intelligence™ has been proven to provide crucial insights and detect code similarities in many real cases including WannaCryTurla and NotPetya

Intezer's Genome Database

Since Intezer’s Genome Database contains code from legitimate applications in addition to malware, it enables our solutions to identify code from trusted vendors, as well as from malicious threat actors and malware authors. This database enables to highlight unique code that was never seen before, which is crucial to detect new threats written from scratch.

State-of-the-art technology

Intezer’s core technology is based on state-of-the-art algorithms and architecture that we created following years of experience in malware analysis, reverse engineering and software development using big data technologies.

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