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Whitepaper: The untapped potential of malware classification

Malware classifcation, which encompasses both the identification and attribution of code, has the power to unlock many clues that aid security teams in achieving this. Such clues provide a greater understanding of potential adversaries. Going beyond whether code is trustworthy or malicious offers a multifaceted view into attackers’ mindsets and ultimately, their goals.

How Intezer supports GDPR adherence

Detect the hidden attacks within your organization and speed-up investigation with Intezer’s solutions.


ebook: The importance of code reuse in cyber security

Whether legitimate or malicious, nearly every software is composed of previously written code; the key to deeply understanding its nature and origins lies in discovering code that has appeared in previously known software.


Intezer Compromise Assessment brochure

Detect active attacks in your environment: A critical health check for your organization.


SANS and Intezer webinar: Use Code Reuse to your Advantage-The Forgotten Component of your Incident Response Plan

In the software development world, engineers frequently use ready-made code for various tasks. On the darker side of things, malware authors follow in the same path, why write your own code when existing code is prevalent and easy to use. A phenomenon that we see time and time again and one that proves beneficial in […]


Intezer Code Intelligence technology video

Because both trusted and malicious applications are based on previously written code, Code Intelligence™ can uncover the nature and identity of any unknown file.


Intezer Analyze datasheet

Go beyond behavioral analysis: Diagnose every file quickly and accurately with code DNA.


Whitepaper: Building Your Bullet-Proof Incident Response Plan.

Security teams at even the largest organizations are often overwhelmed by the volume of flagged incidents and unknown files that need to be investigated. Meanwhile, businesses’ and customers’ sensitive information is at risk of being compromised by the needle in the haystack: the major threat hiding in plain sight among false positives


Intezer Analyze brochure

The future of malware detection and analysis. Go beyond behavioral analysis with an industry-first technology that enables your team to address real threats immediately.

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